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                                   What is Lumps? In most of the Type Canaries such as Norwich, Crest or Gloster Fancy are the texture of the plumage a particular focus. As a side effect in the breeding of this long feathered canaries it comes to malformed feathers, also called “Lumps”, a feathered cyst. The feathers are too long and too soft. The result is that the feather do not penetrate the skin and forming a feathered cyst  -  the lumps. The feather grows underneath the skin and forms a thick pimple that is often purulent. In general, these feathered cysts (lumps) are not painful, but can lead to problems when flying. Because the lumps may have a genetic cause, the problem can be inherited by the next generation. From personal experience, canaries with lumps are not more used for the next breeding. and how can I avoid it? Not only the long feathered English breeds can get lumps, also every Canary breed can get it, if incorrect mating was carried out over generations. Therefore, knowledge about the quality of the plumage is a recommended prerequisite to avoid lumps. Almost of buff canaries from the English breeds will come in short feather, medium feather and long feather. For mating take a short feathered buff bird and a long feathered buff bird. Avoid the mating of two long feathered birds, because as a result birds with feathered cysts (lumps) you can get in the offspring.Also colour canaries can get lumps, if non-intensive x non-intensive mating was carried out over generations. In colour canaries is recommended to pairing a intensiv canary with a non-intensiv canaryغده قناری,قناری,قناری پارسی,غده چربی,...
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